5. AUGUST. 2020

Already since 2009, the sustainable search engine Ecosia has been in operation, with the earnings from search requests having been used to plant over 100 million trees.


Ecosia's profits are invested not only in a greener, more biodiverse and CO2-neutral environment, but also in socio-economic projects around the world. Recently, the company reached the impressive mark of 100 million trees since its founding:


We are happy to be making a daily contribution as a company to the fight against the climate crisis by submitting our online searches through Ecosia and, of course, about the next 100 million trees planted.



8. JULI. 2020

Bees are essential for the preservation of our ecosystem and as we want to do our part to create a habitat for bees, butterflies and other insects in the urban area of the provincial capital, we have sown seeds for the small flying inhabitants on the property of our office. Now we keep our fingers crossed that the plants will thrive, that in late summer a source of food for the insects will be available and that the meadow will also become a bit more colourful.



1. JULY 2020

We are very proud to announce the launch of our newly designed website:



With this updated website our intention was to create a digital surfing experience, which is even more user-friendly for all viewers and provides much more insights about us and our work. The structure has been optimized in terms of design and technology for both mobile devices and desktop versions.

Visiting our website is now intended to convey the extensive services and detailed information on the individual projects even more strikingly by means of large scale visualisations. Additional information graphics as well as a simplified blog on the homepage, which contains news, updates and announcements, are also part of the update.

In the course of revising our Internet presence, valuable strategic discussions continued to be held in order to expand our team and network, which led both to an expansion of our range of services and to an additional location in the Bavarian capital Munich.

We have also taken an additional step towards sustainability and moved our domain to an ecological web hosting service, whose overall cycle-oriented business model includes, among other things, supplying energy to the servers from renewable sources. In the near future, we would like to use workshops in cooperation with new contacts from our business network to communicate the fact that extraordinary synergies can also be found in the combination of industrial design and circular economy-based product development.

We are looking forward to future cooperations and thank you in advance if you send us your feedback about your experiences and impressions with the new homepage. But for now we wish you a lot of fun while surfing!

The unyt.berlin team