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25. SEPT. 2020

On October 7th and 8th, the Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy Congress Baden-Württemberg 2020 (KONGRESS BW) will take place for the 9th time - this year, however, in a digital form and unyt.berlin will be part of it.


As the leading platform for information, innovation and transformation in the field of resource efficiency and environmental services, the event offers the approximately 1,000 registered participants a comprehensive programme consisting of selected keynotes, keynote speeches in a total of 4 plenary sessions and further lectures as well as discussions in 15 forums. A total of 70 speakers will enter the digital stages of the KONGRESS BW. On 7 October at 11:25 a.m., unyt.berlin will also give a forum presentation on the implementation of eco-design requirements in the field of creative product development.

Take the opportunity to expand your knowledge on sustainable transformation:


Participation in the congress is free of charge and of course we are looking forward to further registrations and listeners.

We are looking forward to exchange informations with representatives from politics, business and science and wish the staff of the State Agency for Environmental Technology and Resource Efficiency Baden-Württemberg all the best for a technically smooth event.



17. SEPT. 2020

The GREENTECH Festival has been taking place for the second time since yesterday - partly digitally and free of charge, but also in analogue form with personal exchange: In the impressive setting of the former combined heat and power plant in Berlin-Mitte, sustainable technologies and innovations will be presented to the audience during the three-day event.


In addition to the exhibition, there will also be a conference with lectures and panel discussions, where representatives from business, politics and science will come together to discuss a sustainable future which is also available online as a livestream.

Since sustainability-related developments are also of great importance within our company, we are pleased to have the opportunity to participate in the event digitally.



10. SEPT. 2020

Sustainability is not only the focus of our design work, but also of our web hosting provider BIOHOST.

Founded in 2006, the company not only purchases green electricity from the Naturstrom AG, but also sees sustainable hosting from a holistic perspective.

For example, decommissioned servers from other server farms are used. The further use of the equipment reduces the consumption of valuable raw materials and has a positive effect on the recycling economy. The server rooms, which by the way are located in close proximity to the company site, are cooled most of the year with the help of filtered outside air. This results in enormous energy savings.

Conservation of resources is also a big issue in everyday office life at BIOHOST: For instance the office furniture is second hand and online meetings are preferred to business trips.

We are happy to have found in BIOHOST a supplier who, in addition to the sustainable aspects, is also absolutely convincing in terms of service quality. Therefore we wish the Green-Tech company all the best for the future.