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1. JULY 2020

We are very proud to announce the launch of our newly designed website:



With this updated website our intention was to create a digital surfing experience, which is even more user-friendly for all viewers and provides much more insights about us and our work. The structure has been optimized in terms of design and technology for both mobile devices and desktop versions.

Visiting our website is now intended to convey the extensive services and detailed information on the individual projects even more strikingly by means of large scale visualisations. Additional information graphics as well as a simplified blog on the homepage, which contains news, updates and announcements, are also part of the update.

In the course of revising our Internet presence, valuable strategic discussions continued to be held in order to expand our team and network, which led both to an expansion of our range of services and to an additional location in the Bavarian capital Munich.

We have also taken an additional step towards sustainability and moved our domain to an ecological web hosting service, whose overall cycle-oriented business model includes, among other things, supplying energy to the servers from renewable sources. In the near future, we would like to use workshops in cooperation with new contacts from our business network to communicate the fact that extraordinary synergies can also be found in the combination of industrial design and circular economy-based product development.

We are looking forward to future cooperations and thank you in advance if you send us your feedback about your experiences and impressions with the new homepage. But for now we wish you a lot of fun while surfing!

The unyt.berlin team



20. MAI. 2020

The cooperation with the Berlin-based company gfai tech resulted in the acoustic camera system "Mikado", which is designed for mobile use. It serves for the localization and visualization of sound sources.


All processes from acoustic data recording to data analysis can be carried out completely autonomously, since the microphone array, data recorder, tablet and the associated software have been combined in just one compact device.

This compact design and weight-optimized development, as well as the use of a standard rechargeable battery, makes it possible to use the system completely without cables. It is also possible to use the system on a tripod without great effort.

As the first product in a product family, the design concept is structured in such a way that the element for electronic connection, which is highlighted in brand colour, grows with the product and can thus communicate the product classification.

Extrabild 1


13. MAI. 2020

Another product from the building services engineering sector is the (patented) "Wilo-Connector", which was developed in cooperation with the company from Dortmund.


This connector allows installers to quickly and easily establish electrical connectivity to the pump:

It is assembled outside the terminal compartment which is integrated in the pump and is therefore independent of it, which makes commissioning significantly easier in difficult installation situations. Both the assembly of the plug, which is easy to dismantle, and the installation process on the pump itself are carried out completely without tools. For safety reasons, an additional tool that releases the locking mechanism is only required to remove the plug and thus disconnect the pump from the power supply.